Wait, What?

Sickening! Just Sickening!

So why should Christians care about transgenders if this is what they feel about our Lord and Saviour? Why should we put up with their beliefs when they completely dismiss and disrespect ours? 

Still we pray for God’s mercy on this man and the other trannies he represents. He is so far down the abyss, it must be really dark down there, secure and tight in Satan’s grip. LOL. 

We have news for you…satan has no heaven for you. He only has hell. Maybe rethink those words and repent. It’s never too late. 

So China wants to rewrite the Bible?

Hmm… It’s always interesting to me how dumb these non-believers and hard core anti-christs are. The kingdom of God is not like other religions, for example Buddha and all those other physical gods that people pray to. So it cannot be diminished, because the kingdom of God is in our hearts and minds and in our way of life. Rewriting the bible is not going to change that. You can do whatever you want to a Christian, God remains all powerful. You see God knew that these people were going to emerge and try to change people’s minds and ideas. Strong Christians cannot be changed. If they want to change the young, Godless generations, so be it. But the media has already done a pretty good job of that.