Parents, The Onus is on YOU

It can not be overstated how important a Christian upbringing is. And at some point in your child’s life they’re going to get annoyed with you and frustrated about hearing about God all the time. But I promise you, it will bear fruit. 

Right off the bat your children will learn right from wrong, and you’ll instill a Godly life in them. What they do when they become adults is up to them, but kids who grow up with Christian values are less likely to stray from the Christian path. But you as the parent will have to set the example because kids mirror their parents. 




If you want to teach them forgiveness, then you have to forgive. If you want them to love their neighbour, then you have to show that you love yours. It’s not always easy, given the world we live in, but for the sake of your kids and their souls, you have to bite the bullet. If you want to teach them to pray, you have to take the reigns. 

They need to know that God is the only way to navigate this evil world we live in. At some point in their lives they will get sucked into the unholy, even by their own government. Look at the content that children are taught in school these days. They’re being lured into transgenderism and all sorts of unholy things. Yes, I said it. Transgenderism is not of God. You chose to cut your own genitals off to be another gender. So don’t put that on God. Sorry just had to set the trans people reading this, straight. 

To conclude, being a Christian can be tough but knowing that God has his hand of protection firmly on us, gives us peace and strength. There truly is nothing to fear when you’re walking with God. So go ahead, instill faith and unconditional love for God in your kids. It is imperative. 

Dealing with Loneliness as a Single Christian

Far too often we hear preachers say, in your loneliness you should just obey God and all will be okay. While that may be true, does it take away the loneliness? To deny the anguish and the pain and the heaviness of not having anyone to physically share our lives with, is to deny our humanity. God made us to be relational, social, affectionate, loving beings. So to those pastors who tell people just to obey, you clearly have no idea the toll that loneliness can have on the spirit, the mental health and the physical health of a human being. 

Sometimes loneliness is a test from God, for a season. However, God may call some of us to singleness so that his purposes can be fulfilled through you. Nevertheless. if you don’t want to be single and you don’t feel called to a life of singleness but can’t seem to shake this pathological singleness, then there might be a spirit  holding you back from a relationship or marriage. Could be old Satan, a generational curse or even an evil spirit attacking your relational life. 

The solution? Well there are only a couple. The first is to pray for God to break the spirit of singleness and to believe and trust that the curse has been broken. The next is to actively and faithfully seek friendships by joining your church community or other groups. Just find something that you enjoy doing and join a group for it. It could open doors for new relationships. The other alternative is to go on a dating app and do so in faith and ask the holy spirit to guide you to the right match. 

Dating in itself is complicated these days for non-Christians, so can you imagine how severe it is for Christian folk? God’s grace is sufficient and through his grace he may lead you to your significant other. God understands what you are going through, he planted those feelings of desire and need for connection, but it takes some work on our part, so that God can do his part. God hasn’t promised us a spouse, but he does promise us that whatever we ask that is good, in his name, he will give it. It’s already done. The hard part is the waiting. While you wait, why not have some fun and get a makeover, a new haircut or new wardrobe. But in the waiting stay prayerful and stay of a sober mind. Satan remains on the prowl. 

Stay blessed and may all singles find love, in the name of Jesus.