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Can you have fun as a Christian?

So now you’re wondering, ok, well what kind of fun do Christians have? Well the answer is simple. They have good, clean fun. Nothing that is going to weigh heavy on their conscience and which they have to constantly repent for. Nothing that is influenced by Satan. There is no better way of life than Christianity. No, it’s not always easy, but it’s only not easy because we’re in the world. Take away all the indoctrination, peer pressure, media, Hollywood, idols, entertainment and voila! You have life as God intended for you to have.

Hmm…. for some reason or other this seems to be a real sore point for young people. Having fun as a Christian. There is a belief even among “Christians” that when you commit to God, you can no longer have any fun. As if God is the monster who wants to strip you of all the things you enjoy. LOL. Au contraire my dear young ones. On the contrary indeed.

Let’s look at what you might consider fun. Going to nightclubs, getting drunk out of your mind, vomiting and taking all sorts of pills and large quantities of coffee to cure your hangover. Now for some that is, well… fun. LOL. Or you might consider sleeping around with random men, for fun. Or you might even consider being mean and nasty to others as fun. There are people out there who might consider committing crimes as fun. Well if this is your idea of fun, then yes, you’re not going to do well as a Christian. So you may as well stop reading now and go and enjoy your life of sin.

However, when Jesus said, “I came that you might have life and have it abundantly” he meant every word. No he doesn’t want you to stop enjoying life and having a blast. However, as Christians there are limits to the type of fun we can have. If you think about the above, you have to ask yourself, “where is the fun in that?” How is it fun to abuse drugs, when it can only get you addicted and suffering the dire consequences of addiction? Where is the fun in sleeping around and contracting all sorts of nasty diseases and then dealing with the consequences of that and losing your self respect in the process? Please tell me where the fun in all of these satanic activities are that only leads you to the abyss? Go ahead, I’m waiting.


This answer to this question is manifold. However, we’ll look at three different reasons why.

1. Their parents haven’t raised them to believe

While many parents have raised their kids in a Christian home, many have not. I’ve spoken to some folk who have said that Christ was never discussed in their house. That the very idea of their creator makes them laugh, because they simply don’t know of him nor understand him.

2. Principalities in heavenly places

I imagine the youth struggle to turn to Christ because they are bewitched by the media, social media, the government and Hollywood. If we look at education and the transgender movement in schools, it is pure satanic, compliments of their governments. Young people if not guided properly, will fall prey to the evil agenda. There is no doubt, that social media has the youth firmly in its grips. They are so far gone, they can’t even see reason anymore.

Peer pressure from those who are fully in the enemy’s grip is a hard one for youths who don’t have a firm Christian foundation. Make no mistake, Hollywood is a huge impact on the youth because they decide the culture. Why do you think people think it’s okay to sleep around? Hollywood makes it seem innocent.


Why is it so hard for the youth to turn to Christ?

3. They simply don’t want to

And that’s okay because not even God is going to force anyone to commit to him. The ball is in their court.

They have you just where they want you

What’s worse is that we only have young people to depend on. If we can’t depend on them now to see how they’ve been hypnotised by their media, governments, social media and other, then how can we depend on them to carry on the torch for humanity? We can’t. In the words of George Carlin “The future is nothing but a big smoking ball of shit.” 

Is the youth doomed? Yes they are. Sadly some beyond repair. Hollywood, the mainstream media, the government and social media has them firmly in their clutches and they have no intention of loosening the satanic grip they have on young minds.

The trouble with young people is that they seem to think they know everything, yet fall like jelly for what they see and read in the media. Now it is wrong of me to assume that all young people are like this, but the majority of our young is completely brainwashed. Look at the state of wokeness at universities and schools around the US, UK, Australia for instance. 

LOL they’re so brainwashed that they fall hook line and sinker for this AI nonsense which is going to leave them jobless in the future. In fact, many of whom I have spoken to are in favour of AI and robotics. They think it’s the coolest thing ever. These kids are like zombies who have no control of their own minds. Elon Musk is about to plant chips in their heads and they seem to be okay with that. LOL! 

But on a more empathetic note, they were born in a time of technology and perhaps they are just victims of their time. Thus they don’t see the trouble with the future of tech. But surely they must look around them and see so many young unemployed, depressed, lonely people whose jobs are being replaced by technology. Surely that must make them realise that something is wrong here.