Chasing Youth in Vain

The beauty industry has and continues to make billions of dollars off the back of women around the world, of all classes, who want to defy their age. I used to be one of those women. I had every new anti-ageing product I could get my hands on. 

And then one day, while travelling around Asia, the thought just came to me: Why? Why am I trying to defy my age, when age is such a blessing; a gift from God. Each day, each wrinkle and each laugh line surrounding our eyes is by the grace of God. But so busy are women going under the knife, that they forget they have been given the gift of life another day, another year. Many don’t get that chance. 

I understand that when women get to be a certain age they feel that they’re not being noticed anymore. They feel like they’ve become invisible and therefore no longer attractive. Here’s the question you should be asking yourself: When did you start needing the validation of strangers to make you feel secure in yourself and your attractiveness?

Take a moment to write down all your achievements, your highs and lows, your trials and your victories in life. And then let this sink in: Young people can’t compete at that level. Be content and at peace within yourself that you don’t need to be “hot” anymore. You’re on a different trajectory in life now. If you’re not, then you need to examine yourself and your life. 

Leave the ‘hotness’ to the young people, let them inspect themselves in the mirror a hundred times a day and line up overnight in the lipstick line at beauty shops. You are past all that vain stuff, because you’re in a different league now, baby!

I’m not knocking a good skincare regime. I think it’s important to take care of your skin, but don’t spend thousands to look younger. Very often the natural products help us more than these chemically processed creams and vitamins. Eat healthy, get enough exercise and stay healthy. And embrace every day that God has given you. 

In the book “Song of Solomon” he points out the vanity of people. And trying to defy your age and going under the knife truly is only vanity and pride. And for what? For the attention of men? the approval of society? What do you have to gain from spending money on botox and products that doesn’t or can’t remotely compete with the natural course of life? Why not vie for the applause of heaven and show God how wise you are in your age. Ageing is a course that life HAS to take and there is nothing we can do about it. 

By cdaily

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