The Quality of People on a Steady Decline

The quality of humankind is on a steady downward spiral. Apologies if you thought this article was going to be about the decline in people’s quality of life. Many of you reading this article are going to take offence but some things just have to be said. And we don’t mind different opinions, so fire away in the comments section. 

I don’t know when this happened to people, but humans are on a decline of sorts, especially millenials and their successors, Gen Z and Gen X.

For starters people don’t seem to care for each other they way they used to. They would see someone suffer and not bat an eye. They have become a completely self absorbed, narcissistic generation that is so focused on themselves that they couldn’t care about the world and what is actually happening around them. Governments around the world have been playing and preying on these people. They eat up everything they see in the news- the covid plandemic is a good example of how people destroyed each other only to find out later that the whole thing was a hoax and people were dying left and right of a fake vaccine. What a bunch of zombies.

The media has de-sensitized them to the point where they would rather bad news than good news. People have always been competitive and envious of one another. This is a satanic trait that stems from biblical times, but my goodness have this generation kicked things up a notch! The hate among humans are real. They can’t wait to nitpick what you say, reject you or condescend you. They detest others who have a different view point to theirs. They can’t seem to cope with that. They even take offence when people aren’t hating enough in the comments sections on various platforms. That’s net level hate.

I remember a time when people would acknowledge each other or at least older people. Young people don’t even greet or regard older people any more. The respect we once had for each other has disappeared. Hell, it’s become so bad that governments want to get rid of the old folks. 

There seems to be a preoccupation with making money and becoming successful and being seen or recognised yet they won’t put in the work required to achieve that level of success. Even among Christians. This has got to be the laziest, most spoon-fed people alive. And all they want is “wellness” in the workplace. I get it, money is vital for our survival but have people forgotten that God is the source of all things? I know there are many that work their butt off but don’t seem to get anywhere. Satan will always try to block the success of God’s people but he can’t do it forever.  Keep going and keep trusting.

Everywhere you go, doesn’t matter which country these days, you see transgenders. And they are too aware that they are untouchable, as wicked governments are protecting them. So much so, that they would rather jail someone for mis-gendering but let a rapist run free. I would like to challenge a tranny to preach the word of God and see if they’re still protected by their governments. If there are any sensible transgenders out there, I’m sure they know that they are but a tool in Satan’s plan (meaning government’s plan) to change what God has created men and women to be. Why do you think God burned the crap out of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Do people still read? With the amount of views on YouTube or other digital options available, something tells me that people don’t sit and read a book anymore. Too obsessed with porn, YouTube, alcohol, crime than picking up a book. They have no culture or appreciation for the arts or anything intellectual any longer. Hollywood and the mainstream media still wins, though. And boy do governments love a non-reader. 

And how is it that their idols have showed them who they are; Puffy, Usher and many other celebrities and entrepreneurs and politicians, yet they don’t seek truth. They keep seeking to idolise these people. Amazing. 

Crime. My goodness, a young man purposefully walking into a church with the goal of stabbing the bishop is an outcry. Or another walking into a mall, and stabbing and killing a heap of people at once. A gang of thieves violently robbing supermarkets or other outlets. Satan has blinded these people and has removed all respect, regret, ethics, morality from them. Crime is just one way Satan has his hand gripped on people. Sexual sin is another. I think the world is becoming one big Sodom and Gomorrah: ugly, violent immoral, corrupt, proud and dumb. 

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