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Delivered from Coffee, Supernaturally. God is Good.

God is amazing and he is supernatural. Being hooked on coffee, like any other addictive substances, is, whether we like it or not, an addiction. And any addiction is an idol. Period. Without realising it, I was addicted to coffee and I prioritised it, couldn’t wait to have my first cup in the morning and the rest of the day. Coffee became my side kick, if you will. Whenever I was sick or had inflammation or something, the doctor would tell me to skip coffee for a few days and I would kick up a fuss about it. 

When I realised later on that coffee was controlling me I decided to quit on my own. Several times. And each time I had the worst withdrawal symptoms and I’d fight through it, only to go back to coffee a few days or weeks later. I often heard the holy spirit telling me to quit coffee. And believe me I tried, but the addiction was too strong. 

Then one night around between the hours of 3AM – 5AM I woke up and decided to talk to God. And I asked God to deliver me from coffee supernaturally without the withdrawal symptoms and to take my desire for coffee away or make me sick when I see it or get the smell of it. And I heard God say “yes.” 

The following morning when I woke up, I asked God if it our exchange was real? Did he really promise to deliver me from coffee?  I decided to test myself and not have coffee and see if I get any withdrawal symptoms. Nothing. The next day I didn’t have coffee and the the next day and the next day, and not a single headache. It was as if coffee never existed for me. It is the strangest and one of the most interesting things I had ever experienced. 

I hadn’t picked up a single cup since that day, no desire for it at all. There is nothing in me that craves coffee. My skin is glowing, my hair is less dry, my teeth are gaining its natural whiteness and my brain is functioning at optimal levels. God is amazing!

I know that we think that coffee is an innocent, harmless and enjoyable drink, but when it makes you sick and causes horrible withdrawal symptoms when you try to leave it, then how can it be harmless? Sounds more satanic to me. Get out of the coffee habit while you can, for your own good. Ask God to help you and he will gladly set you free. 

God bless you. 

By cdaily

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