When Hell is After You

When All Hell is After You

Phew! I think many of us can attest that there are times in our lives when it feels like all hell is after us. One thing after the other goes wrong. Every time there’s another oncoming train, coming to knock you he hell out. Sometimes it’s due to our own doing, and other times it’s caused by others. But whichever it is, it’s no fun being in the wilderness. It really isn’t. 

The trouble with hell breaking loose and coming after us, is that we become vulnerable to the point where we want to give up on God. And this is interesting, because God could be allowing this chaos to break out in your life. But here’s where our situation gets interesting…

During this time of suffering and being bewildered by all the bricks that life is throwing at you, somehow you manage to get through it. Somehow you manage to get up and keep moving, 

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