God’s Provision in the Wilderness

The Wilderness and How to Survive

The wilderness. Now there’s a place no one likes to be in. LOL. It’s rough out there. Really rough. And when you’re in the wilderness, you’re at your most vulnerable. Make no mistake, you’re in the wilderness for a reason. God has allowed this period of suffering in your life. Of course, our flesh will protest and yell and throw our toys out the cot but God won’t budge. You’re in there for a reason and a season and you might as well make peace with it. LOL.

But here’s the thing about God, that you SHOULD NOT MISS. Have you noticed that while you were in the wilderness, somehow you still had a roof over your head, you still had a meal (from wherever it came), somehow your debt still managed to get paid, your health was still in tact? God will let you learn the lessons you need to learn in your time of suffering but he will keep his powerful hand on you.

The trouble with being in the wilderness is that it’s a time when we’re at our most vulnerable, and can easily fall prey to the enemy’s deceptions, causing us to slip up. The enemy knows that God has placed us there to test us, and if we slip up, we’ll stay in the wilderness longer than we ought to have stayed. It’s a rough lesson to learn and it’s hard not to fall prey to the enemy when you’re in such a desperate time, because our flesh doesn’t want the suffering. And we’ll do just about anything to wiggle ourselves out of it. 

Yet, even when we slip up, God is merciful and graceful and he provides. But he’s also righteous and holy and therefore his test will stand until we pass it.

So if you’re finding yourself in the wilderness right now, endure. Stay strong, stay in the word, pray and fast and genuinely give your heart to God and watch him suddenly take you from the wilderness to the land of milk and honey.

Stay blessed…

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