A Whole New World

What Will Your New World Look Like

What your new world will look like

Do you remember that song “A whole new world” by Regina Bell and Peobo Bryson which they performed for Disney’s, “Aladdin?” This song kept playing around in my head as I wrote this article, because that is what we are in for. A whole new world. And let me tell you, it’s nothing like the lyrics or the melody of the song. Our new world is an ugly place, that pushes to be as Godless as possible. And where there’s no God… well, there is something else… evil.

First up: CBDCs.

Yes they’re vehemently pushing this and we can see cash slowly and sneakily being phased out in stores, transportation, restaurants and more. And with having a central bank digital currency comes control over your hard earned cash. And much the same way they fooled us into accepting any of their other crap, (such as the vaccines) by saying that “it’s good for you,” “for your safety and protection” they will eventually get you trapped in their CBDC mess and have complete control over your money. Then it’s game over. When they control your money, they control your life. This is no conspiracy, best believe it. Do you research and then decide if you’re going to be one of the numpties to sign up for this mess.

AI will replace you and your job

People have been warned but didn’t listen. Just ask the thousands at the big banks that have been laid off over these last years. Agriculture is also seeing a shift from human workers to robots LOL! It’s funny, not funny. But you should really check out some videos of robot farm workers. They don’t need a lunch break, or empathy from their boss. You just press a button and those bots start working.. overtime, without pay. AI has successfully replaced restaurant staff, supermarket staff and it’s coming for your job next. Best believe it.

Men and giving birth

The devil is real. He is so real, that he has planted this evil into the minds of these elites trying to play God or compete with God. But even then, they cannot undo what God has created. But in their stupid way, men will be able to give birth. I feel sorry for the kid. I had no idea men were so desperate to give birth when there are so many orphans who need loving fathers and mothers. Men will never ever be women. Ever. No matter what scientific breakthrough these mad people have. God’s work is solid and can’t be undone.

KTDI: Known Traveller Digital Identity

You don’t need a passport any longer. All you’ll need in future is facial recognition and a card that contains all your information. Sounds great, right? WRONG. KTDI will require that you divulge as much of your personal information as possible or you could get turned down for travel at airports. It’s already happening. So how much of your personal information are you ready to divulge? Also it will check if you’ve been vaccinated, your medical records, where you’ve been and how big your carbon footprint is. This thing can turn you down for travel at its own discretion.

15-Minute Cities

These people are busy. The devil doesn’t sleep as they say. You’ll be confined to an area where you’ll live 15 minutes from everything. If you want to travel beyond your 15-minute limit, you’ll have to get permission from your city authorities. Can you seriously see yourself living this way?

Bugs for dinner? Yummy!

God created certain animals so that humans can consume them. But they’ve had enough of that! This delicious and nutritiousness have gone on long enough! Now, they’re coming for our food. From lab grown meat to bugs, they are deciding our new diet for us. Only they will have access to what God has provided for his people.


This is the last one of my list of scary things to look forward to. We won’ t know if we’re dealing with a man or a woman. And you’re not allowed to ask them either. The rise of the Alphabet society is scary, really scary. And completely against the will of God. Let’s hope that satan has a “heaven” for the alphabet people! LOL.

How long are Christians going to sit back and accept this?

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